Creating a Sample

It's pretty simple to create a sample for the site, but there's a few conventions you need to follow:

  1. Think of an idea that you want to demo :-)
  2. Install the Nancy.Template extension, for Visual Studio, to get the project template. If you are not running Visual Studio, or prefer to get the template source, you can find it in the Nancy.Templates repository.
  3. Create your project, using the appropriate Nancy Demo project, and Github repository with the Nancy.Demo.[name] naming convention.
  4. Make sure you use NuGet for your dependencies, the site will parse your packages.conf.
  5. Add a to the root of the repo and provide details of what the sample is, what it does, and how to get it running if there are any additional steps required.
  6. Add a root "index view" with the readme details in a "hero" div (<div class="hero-unit"></div>).
  7. For code snippets use <pre><code></code></pre> and they will be syntax highligted using highlight.js.
  8. Add a license.txt, preferably MIT, but this isn't a hard requirement.
  9. Follow the general Bootstrapper styles and theming for consistency.
  10. Make sure any external content, such as CSS, images, js etc have the appropriate licenses and make sure you respect any copyright or attribution clauses on any external dependencies.

One you've done all that and pushed it up to Github, you just need to let us know, either:

Once your account is added the site will automatically pickup any additional Demo projects you add.

Have fun! :-)

- Team Nancy